who are we ?

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it all started with a red jeep.

Hi y'all! We're Jason and Alyssa, husband and wife co-founders of Top Down Tours. We met 2.5 years ago in Nashville when Jason, the VP of marketing at a major local attraction, was giving a tour to Alyssa, a travel and lifestyle writer visiting from Canada.⁣

After months of flying between Calgary and Nashville (eating a lot of poutine and hot chicken), we got engaged. It was perfect. ⁣

The next day, we were traveling to Chicago with nothing but five hours to talk. By the time we hit our destination, we had a company name and a mission to show off what we love most about Nashville.

We also had a red Jeep Wrangler.

Our careers are deeply rooted in the tourism industry. For more than a decade, Jason traveled the world promoting Nashville. He has a background in local tourism and was in charge of massive events and media relations with the likes of Carrie Underwood, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, United States Governors, Jack Daniels, the History Channel, the Lifetime Network, the United States Armed Services Network, CNN, the Washington Post, and The New York Times, to name a few. Alyssa has used her passion for storytelling to write for and manage digital channels for one of Canada’s top travel brands and an award-winning city magazine.

Given our history, we were excited by Nashville’s recent tourism boom. But we knew something was missing from the pedal taverns and party buses popping up almost weekly.

Nashville is a town of dreamers. There is a creative energy in this town that is infectious and inspiring. And that experience is something to be shared.

So, in 2017 we started Top Down Tours. Our mission is to show you the most real and authentic parts of Nashville, which include the best parts of Broadway and extend far beyond and into our city’s unique neighborhoods.

We’ll show you a good time and share our insider knowledge, including bars you haven’t heard of, our favorite local bands and of course, the three B’s: biscuits, beer and BBQ. And all along the way, we’ll share the stories of the people who made Music City what it is today.

welcome to your Nashville. Let’s go.